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Trim is twinned with - Etrépagny in Normandy, France

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(This photo of the Boyne at Trim used for the RTE Weather programme on 30/10/2006)

Trim is a small town located in County Meath, on the banks of the river Boyne about 45km. (28 miles) North-West of Dublin. The name comes from the Irish 'Baile Atha Troim', which translates as 'the town of the ford of the alder trees' and its origin dates back to the 5th. century A.D.

Among its more recent claims to fame is the filming of a major part of 'Braveheart' there in 1994/95. Now the castle has been very successfully restored and opened to the public. The reconstruction has made minimal changes to the Castle and makes the best use of the existing structure with minimal alterations.

This website is a personal one, largely based on my own photographs. It is not meant to provide up-to-date news or events in Trim - I no longer live there, and would be unable to maintain such a site. Enjoy it for what it is, and if you want to produce a Trim 'news' site, I will happily add a link here.

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